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  • Our ENGINEERING OFFICE provides you with advice, the feasibility study of your project and offers you technical solutions.


  • We assist you from the prototype to the final product stage.
  • We adapt ourselves to your requirements. We can cater for every scenario whether it is from the sketch to the 3-D modelling or from the prototype to the mass production tools.


  • Compliance with your specifications.
  • Well-managed production times.


Opting for innovation

In order to remain a creative force, the AFC team is constantly searching for innovative products and materials and new methods in order to provide our customers with ever improving solutions to their requirements.

The STABTM range of the patented products for the manufacture of forming tools.
The Aero-STABTM is made using plywood from commercially grown forests; it is used to create forming tools with many benefits:

Very competitive price low coefficient of expansion: 3.10-6 mm/°C Temperature range: 80°C to 210°C  Density: 450 kg/m3  Recyclable Ecological: wood from commercially grown forests  Quick lead times

  • Usi-STABTM is the logical follow-on to our star product, the Aero-STABTM. The Usi-STABTM is and Aero-STABTM, which has been re-machined and coated with a high-tech carbon coating that is a suitable mass production tool for manufacturing up to 500 pieces.
  • Auto-STABTM: an identical product to the Usi-STABTM with its own heating system, which considerably improves the manufacturing techniques of composite parts.
  • Auto-STAB+TM: designed for manufacturing mass moulding tools, with an electric framework heating system (up to 180°C), and a coolant fluid cooling system, for composite parts (350/500 pieces).
  • Médi-STABTM : designed for making inexpensive moulding tools within extremely short lead times, which can produce 1 or 2 composite parts at 180°C under pressure.

Plant and resin-based fi bres, which are respectful of the environment (organically sourced).

The challenge of making unique parts

Our experience and our technology make it possible for us to take on the challenge of the UNIQUE PART with all the requested specifications.

Nos Atouts